Deep, Dark Confession Time

My confession: I am a terrible, terrible blogger because I have not been keeping things updated. At all. This is due to laziness, forgetfulness and…more laziness. I do plan (keyword plan) to have various reviews and other cool things up in due time. This may or may not involve the likes of Gojira, Dying Fetus, and other kickass bands.

You might be interested to know that the Chainsaw Symphony has a Facebook page that you can go ahead and like. It’s here:

While I might not be showing a lot of online activeness, the radio program is still very much alive. In fact, it’s on tonight, 11pm to 1am as usual. You can listen to it from the comfort of your computer on Just click on Listen Live! in the top right corner and fill your night with metal.

In addition, I am willing to take requests as usual. I can’t guarantee I’ll play every request I receive, but I’ll do my best. What would you like to hear this evening?